Matt Adams works constantly with missionaries in countries around the world.

Matt is a missionary to the United States. But in addition to his performances across America, Matt regularly ministers in countries around the world. In fact, he has performed on every habitable continent in countries like Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, England, Ireland, Kenya Mexico, Thailand, and Uganda. When performing internationally, Matt typically does short term mission trips using street magic and stage shows to minister to local communities before sharing the gospel message with them. The events are all conducted through the local area churches to ensure sustainability after Matt leaves.

Needs for Matt’s ministry include:

  1. Prayer support – this is BY FAR the most important need. While there are many things you may consider praying about, please consider these at a minimum:
    – Audience receptivity as Matt shares the gospel
    – Physical and Spiritual health for Matt and his team members
    – Financial needs
  2. Financial support – Your generous donation will enable Matt to continue functioning as a missionary to the world based right here in the USA. The donations will help cover the costs associated with travel as well as day to day ministry expenses and care for Matt’s family. It will include providing food, clothing, and schooling for his children as well.

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